Waterford is a high quality, rural living estate situated in Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills.

Our vision for Waterford was to establish a high quality, rural living estate in the Adelaide Hills town of Mount Barker offering desirable larger allotments of 1,500 – 3,000 square metres.

Our Challenge

Our challenge was to protect existing majestic trees and two watercourses, integral to the beauty of this treasured rural landscape.

Our Solution

Our solution was to provide spacious allotments with private access bridges through and across the watercourse, converting them to high side lots with water views. Considered a very high quality estate, residents refer to it as “Waterford” not Mt Barker.

Fast Facts

Timeframe: 8 stages over 5 years
Size: 205 allotments
Lot Size: 1500 to 3000m2
Partnership: Burke Urban and the original land owner farmer, Mr Wenzel and his family
Key Achievement: A strong landscape theme, with private access bridges crossing public open space to ensure that all allotments within the estate are configured on the high side overlooking a water course.