Linear Park Estate - in Athelstone and Highbury enabled the completion of the River Torrens Linear Park from Dernancourt to the Torrens Gorge and connected the hills to the sea.

Our vision for Linear Park Estate was to successfully develop an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sensitive 450-allotment integrated residential and riverside subdivision in the Torrens River Valley at Athelstone, 12kms from the Adelaide CBD.

Our Challenge

Our challenge was to overcome complex neighbouring land holding ownerships along with the State Government’s earmarking of most of the land for compulsory acquisitions, to enable the completion of the public benefit project known as the “Torrens Linear Park Scheme”.

Our Solution

Our solution was to negotiate a mutually rewarding outcome for all parties, at no cost to the state and negate opposition from protesting residents who claimed the area as “their river”. Our efforts achieved ministerial support with many of the most vocal objectors, becoming residents in the new Linear Park development.

Fast Facts

Timeframe: 1991 - 1998
Size: 450 allotments
Key Achievement: This quality housing estate with its cross-city pedestrian bikeway, established both north and south of the River, was applauded as an outstanding success.
Partnership Facts: developed in a 50/50 partnership with John Wicks, landowner, orchardist and civil contractor and was the start of Burke Urban's sister Domain Project Developments group.