A family owned South Australian residential property developer delivering outstanding living environments and strong communities for over 30 years.

We are proud to be a family business, supported by a team of committed individuals who share our community values. We are all driven by a passion for high standards and service and work collectively to create environmentally and socially responsible residential communities with a difference.

We’re committed

Our vision is focused on the planning and development of socially inclusive, culturally integrated and enduring communities, where residents are connected to places through harmonious, activated and sustainable living environments.

We encourage leading edge best practices in urban design, place making and community development which returns fair profits to our investors and positive growth and social outcomes for our communities.

We’re innovative

We specialise in identifying interesting and niche potential sites and collaborating with our project partners to consider innovative solutions for their development.  These solutions grasp the issues specific to each project, incorporate best practice design principles and harness the unique natural, heritage, social, cultural and conservation features of each site.

We’re community

Burke Urban focuses on gaining insight in to the visions and expectations of each community we’re involved with. We then take these needs in to consideration throughout the sensitive planning and design phase and work to ensure that every project decision is weighed up against these community values. Ultimately we believe this approach is pivotal to creating cohesive and enduring places.

We're connected

From the sale of the first allotment a new community starts to grow. We aim to provide a strong framework of support and facilitation for residents so that they can more easily connect with each other and so that a sense of pride is established in their new neighbourhood. Our objective is to establish a future that is safe, harmonious and vibrant for generations to come.

We’re the future

Burke Urban acknowledges the impact of urban growth on rural land and the environment, but we equally observe the challenge we all face to house our growing population in an affordable way. At Burke Urban we strive for excellence and constantly seek to improve and implement best practices that foster a balanced outcome.

We're beautiful

We achieve positive economic outcomes by remaining focused on strong urban design principles, adding value through our thoughtful landscape presentations and emphasis on improved built form.

Attractive and pleasing living environments and communities that take responsibility and pride in their neighbourhoods, means our developments tend to experience strong capital growth, which adds value to the wider village or region.

We’re experienced

As an industry leader in facilitating and developing significant residential projects in the public and private sectors, our areas of expertise include:
– Land Acquisition
– Joint Venture Negotiation
– Financial Management
– Project Management
– Project Marketing
– Community Development
– Urban Design and Place making

We’re charitable

With our genuine sense of community, Burke Urban is proud to be involved with these local community groups.

Adelaide Football Club
Norwood Football Club
Cora Barclay Centre

We care deeply about every part of the development process from initial planning right down to the colour of the lamp posts and everything in between.