We have recently contracted to purchase a prime commercial development site from the Woolworths Group in the heart of the thriving Mount Barker business district.

1 Hutchinson Street, Mount Barker is an 11,345m2 commercial and mixed-use development site located adjacent a Woolworths supermarket to the west and the Mount Barker Central retail precinct to the east. It also enjoys a superb frontage to the majestically leafy Druids’ Avenue at it's northern boundary.

Our Approach

Burke Urban put together an innovative offer to the Woolworths Group to purchase the site which helped to avoid the potential piece-meal sale of a number of existing titles. We believed the status of the site warranted a mechanism for orderly, integrated and intensive development consistent with the Mount Barker District Council’s (MBDC) policies and land use plans for this area. This led us to negotiating a generous 6 month due diligence period with the Woolworths Group to enable us to present a proposal to the MBDC for a shared settlement of the property.

Our Vision

On this basis we managed to secure the site and reached agreement with Council to jointly transact on the land. Burke Urban and Council will now jointly prepare an integrated opportunities plan for the site consistent with the Mount Barker Development Plan.

Whilst no specific proposals have been identified it is expected that a range of retail and office uses will be accommodated with the potential for medium density housing and perhaps a multi-level car park. This will be a joint planning exercise with Council to achieve intensive activity, some striking built-form, and integrated pedestrian paths and seating to encourage community interaction on the land.

The Opportunity

We are reaching out to urban designers, place makers, interested tenants and complementary developers to join with us to achieve a striking result. We want to make 1 Hutchinson Street the true focus within the Business District and importantly an outcome which adds to the existing Town fabric. Throughout the process we will be working closely with Council to determine appropriate rehabilitation, boundary treatment and community access arrangements pending final planning and development. To do this in conjunction with the highly professional and visionary team at Council is a unique and very exciting opportunity for all involved.

Expression of Interest

Our plan is to commence the planning and opportunities analysis immediately, followed shortly thereafter by a registration of interest period to attract potential tenants. In the mean time if you have any interest in partnering with us in this amazing development opportunity, or may have an interest as a tenant then please contact us now and we will contact you about this fabulous opportunity.

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